viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009

ejercicio de creatividad patrocinado por Jango.

now as the summer fades i let you slip away
It's the same old SOS
sunday morning, praise the downing
well you got it so good, you live for the action
come on baby
breaking my back just to know your name
why dont we stop fooling ourselves
come and see
you're trying my patience
the winter's marked the earth
tell me, come on tell me what you can
London's burning!
wake form your sleep
i got a wild thing for you,
Im only happy when it rains.

Wow, quedó bastante bien. Sospecho que muchas bandas hacen así sus letras.

Primeras líneas de canciones de ( a ver si me acuerdo) : maroon 5, morrisey, lou reed, the fratellis, moby, the killers....ya empece a olvidar...wilco, snow patrol, the bravery, the clash, radiohead, aerosmith, garbage.

Faltaron 2. agh no recuerdo, a ver si ustedes pueden

Yo creo que esta canción sería un hit. Me impresionó que hubiera tantas referencias a estaciones del año y lugares, y falta de paciencia. Todas eran tristes. Mi Jango es emo.

Hagan las suyas, con la tercera línea de cada canción, dale?

ps- canciones que se llaman sunday morning: maroon 5, no dobut y lou reed. hay más??

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Carlos dijo...

con la tercera línea...

we're all just waiting to get home.
on my own
plenty of time till you're an old lady
If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong
I have run you down into the ground
Yeah, my pen is a Pistola
Bury me above the clouds
mirror my lady
Well maybe I'm in love (love)
running around highroyds isn't fun
And you know
The future's for discovering
rockets shoot us up into the stars

to my condition
I kissed a drunk girl on the lips
you're all alone
You're a slave to money then you die
You know I wanna
She done things I never expected
let you start it
Ice has covered up my parents hands
She fell in love with the drummer


José dijo...

The wedding party all collapsed in the room
it's like a throbbing toothache of the mind
Never did listen that well
And these broken bottles and glasses

Screw, rip the messages off the page
I can't always just forget her
I’ll tell you stories of a better time,
Hey vicky you're so so icky

The book flew out the window
The first of
And the resentment rides high
I know he's there, but I just had to call

There was snow
Sleep with candles burning
To think about the girl you love and hold her tight
send for all your absent lovers things.

María José dijo...

jjaja buenísimas! deberíamos escribir canciones for a living, seguro no nos demandarían NI NADA :)

gracias por los comentarios